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SAS students have two options for email:

  • Setting up a Google@SAS account. Google@SAS is a suite of email and collaboration tools customized for Penn students. The Google@SAS FAQ for Students is an excellent resource for more info. 
  • Forwarding messages to a personal account. Choosing forward your messages will allow you to receive messages sent to your SAS address at the personal account of your choice.


What's a PennKey?

A PennKey is an individual's username and an associated password within the PennKey authentication system. A PennKey is required to authenticate your identity for access to many of Penn's electronic resources. Your PennKey is based on your PennName, a unique identifier for usernames on many Penn systems. 

How Do I Change My PennName?

PennNames can be changed only under the following circumstances:

  • A legal name change
  • A PennName is deemed offensive to the Penn community
  • Reported email harassment or threats that warrant a change

If you need to make a change to your Pennkey and your circumstance fits the above criteria please complete our help form.


How Do I Access the Internet on Campus?

  • AirPennNet is the primary wireless network serving the University of Pennsylvania campus and may be accessed by the students, faculty, and staff of the University.
  • When you're on-campus, follow the instructions to connect to AirPennNet 

Trouble accessing AirPennNet?


What's PennO365?

PennO365 is a collaboration platform that provides : 

  • A full-featured email system with integrated calendaring
  • Free installation of the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on up to five (5) personal computers and mobile devices. 
  • Access to Microsoft Office Online and 1 TB of storage on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud data storage and collaboration solution

How Do I Access PennO365?

Visit the PennO365 for Students to sign up.

Penn Libraries Information Commons & Education Commons

What Online Services Does Penn Libraries Have for Students?

What on-Campus Services Does Penn Libraries Have for Students?

Need Help?

Please use our General Computing Help For SAS Students

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