This article provides an overview of the various services available to Penn LPS Online students. Additionally, it provides links to articles that further describe each service and how to access them.

NOTE: Each of the titled services (as well as each of the service logos) are links to other articles that provide additional information about the service, how to use them, and how to access them.

Productivity Software

G Suite

  • Access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Widely used sharing capabilities
  • Unlimited Storage Space in Google Drive
  • Students like G Suite for smooth multi-user editing 

Office 365

  • Access to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Online
  • Access to full offline Office Suite
  • 1TB of Data Storage in OneDrive
  • Students like Office 365 for finalizing/formatting projects

Internet Browsers

Chrome is the recommended browser for Canvas, the Penn LPS Online Learning Management System.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Cloud Storage Options

Google Drive

Unlimited storage via Google@SAS


1 TB data storage through your Office 365 account 

Penn + Box

50 GB storage and single sign-on using your Pennkey

Antivirus Software

Symantec Endpoint Protection

  • Basic Antivirus Software
  • Should only be used for MacOS or Windows 7

Windows Defender

  • The default built-in Antivirus Software for Windows
  • Should be used for Windows 8 & 10 machines

Security Software


  • Encrypted Password Manager
  • Stores Account credentials

Duo Mobile

  • 2-Step Authentication tool
  • Used for your PennKey credentials

Google Authenticator

  • 2-Step Authentication tool
  • Used for any Google service or account

Secure Share

  • Secure document sharing service
  • Documents will delete themselves automatically

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