Proctor U for Students




ProctorU is a remote proctoring service which has options for live online proctoring, recorded proctoring and advanced machine proctoring for exams in Canvas. The Canvas Test-Taker Handout is linked at the bottom of this article; any students taking an exam with ProctorU should review this thoroughly before each remotely proctored exam. 

Important Notes

When using the live online proctoring option, remote proctors will use your webcam to watch you while you take an exam, and your screen will also be recorded. ProctorU proctors will follow exam guidelines that are written by your professor, and your professor will have final determination as to whether or not cheating occurred. 

  • A PC or MAC laptop or desktop computer is required to take the exam; mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and Chromebooks are not compatible. 
  • The computer you use to take an exam must have a webcam and should be placed in a quiet well lit location. 
  • Your exam should be taken without anyone else present in the room/space you’ve chosen.
  • Allow a bit of time for set-up and an authenticity check. This helps ProctorU verify your identity and workspace.


ProctorU provides a couple of online proctoring solutions that range from live, person to person, proctoring, to automated proctoring with authentication procedures. 

  • Allows for 1-on-1 proctoring provided by a remote proctor.
  • Uses AI based behavior analysis for automated proctoring.
  • Offers custom proctoring options, included annotated video.


Remote proctoring services like ProctorU allow students to take proctored exams in a location of their choice and at a time that works for them.

  • Provides a range of timeslots in which to take an exam, as determined by the instructor.
  • Allows for a range of digital and physical media to aid in testing, as determined by the instructor.
  • Offers tech support for Proctoring issues.


Your professor will determine an exam window, and you must schedule a proctoring time within that window. This process is not automatic, and if you attempt to schedule within less than 72 hours or attempt to take the exam without registering you will be charged a small fee and expected to pay with a credit card.

Step-by-Step Instructions for account setup and scheduling

To set up an account and schedule a proctoring time: 

Step 1: Go to  to sign up for a new account.





Step 2: Fill out basic information needed to create an account.




Step 3: This is the dashboard you will see when they log in to your account.




Step 4: Select an exam.




Step 5: Depending on your course, you may have multiple options for scheduling exams.




Step 6: You will have a countdown timer in for your exam once you schedule it. Once the timer expires, a big blue GO button will be there. Click on GO to connect to a proctor. The proctor will lead you through a set-up process, and once that is done you will be taken to Canvas.

What to Expect on Exam Day

Please read What to Expect on Exam Day

Additional Information

Please read the ProctorU system requirement for specific information about recommended system settings

Be sure to visit ProctorU’s systems check to check your equipment ( you will need to log into your ProctorU account in order to do this)

If you have any questions, please contact ProctorU support.

*Taken with permission from and ProctorU Help articles.

*Please note that the attached document below contains additional information that may not be relevant to your ProctorU experience. If you have any questions, please contact ProctorU support.