Adding a PowerPoint with Audio to VoiceThread

Modified on Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 10:25 AM

When you upload a PowerPoint that has multiple slides, a new slide will be created in VoiceThread for each of the PowerPoint slides. If you are attempting to upload a PowerPoint that has audio added to it, the audio will not transfer over with the file. Thus, it is recommended that you record audio using the comment function in VoiceThread.

You can use the audio-comment function in VoiceThread for uploaded PowerPoint files by following these steps:

1. Enter the Canvas site.
2. Find the VoiceThread. Most likely, it will be under Modules or Assignments. It might be helpful to full-screen the VoiceThread, which you can do by clicking on the Open in a new tab? link (circled in red below).
"Open in a new tab?" appears near the center-top of the embedded Voicethread display in Canvas.

3. Click on the VoiceThread (circled in red below).

example of how to open an existing Voicethread

4. Click on the postcard-display button that is in the lower-right corner of VoiceThread (circled in red below). 

5. Click the Add a slide button that appears in the postcard-display menu in VoiceThread (circled in red below). 

example of the "Add a slide" option in the postcard-display in VoiceThread

6. Click the file-upload option to upload your PowerPoint.

Please note: VoiceThread displays uploaded PowerPoint slides separately, so you will need to add audio comments to each individual slide. an example of how PowerPoint slides display in VoiceThread

7. Click on the PowerPoint slide to which you want to add an audio-comment. 

example of selecting a slide to edit

8. Click the Comment button (circled in red below).

example of how to click the "Comment" button in VoiceThread

9. Select the audio-comment option (indicated by the microphone icon) and follow the prompts to record your audio-comment. 

an example of the audio-comment option in VoiceThread

Your comment will appear on the left side of the VoiceThread in a square with your initials.

10. Repeat steps 7-9 for each slide in your PowerPoint. 

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