Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) used by Penn LPS Online. This article contains many helpful links to common troubleshooting questions in Canvas:

This is a quick overview of Canvas and some of its features.

Before You Start 

You need the following: 

  • An active PennKey account
  • Enrollment in a current course where the instructor has requested a site on Penn Canvas

All Penn LPS Online courses will have a site on the University of Pennsylvania's Canvas learning management system.  Canvas will be a key piece of your program experience and might include the syllabus, weekly or topical modules, as well as important interaction and discussion with your peers, TA, and professor. 

Logging In

Using your PennKey Account, navigate to:


Canvas Features

  • Powerful online assignment collection: you can turn in files, fill out forms, or even submit Google Docs
  • Built-in tools for audio and video recording, media import and podcast distribution
  • Real-time collaboration features for document editing, chat and web conferencing
  • Notification options: be notified of announcements appointments, and course changes by text message, Facebook, or Twitter.

Canvas Quiz Requirements for Students

  • Please do the following at least 48 hours before taking a Canvas quiz:

    • Quizzes should only be taken on a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices should not be used for quizzes, as these devices do not support the full Canvas quiz experience.
    • Please make sure you are using a Canvas-supported web browser
      • Please note: We only recommend Chrome or Firefox (the link above also lists Safari and Microsoft Edge) 
    • Please review the instructions on how to take a Canvas quiz.
    • If you have any questions, please email online-learning-help@sas.upenn.edu

    While taking a quiz:

    • Do not click the back button on your browser, close your browser, or click the Submit Quiz button before you have completed answering the quiz questions. Doing any of these things could cause an accidental quiz submission.

Table of Contents

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Canvas for Students Topics

*Adapted with permission from infocanvas.upenn.edu