You use your PennKey username and password to log into Canvas.

Try logging into Canvas by following these steps:

1. Clear your browser's cache by following these instructions: 
2. Close your browser window.
3. Open a new browser window.
4. Go to and log in with your PennKey username and password.

If you still cannot log in after trying these steps, please see if your PennKey username and password work when you use the "Test my PennKey and password" tool on this page:
Test My PennKey

If you are unable to authenticate through this tool, then you should proceed with resetting your password under the "Reset a Forgotten/Change a PennKey Password" because you are not entering the correct username/password. If you need to reset your password, you should be able to log into Canvas following steps 1-4 above once it is reset.

If you need help with changing your PennKey password, please contact PennKey Support