Teachers and TAs in Canvas sites can "undelete" something that was accidentally deleted by following these steps:

1. Go the course in question.

2.  At the end of the URL, you should see a a 7-digit course ID number like this:

 example of a Canvas site URL

3. Add "/undelete" to the end of the URL after the course ID number.

example of a Canvas site URL with "undelete" added to the end

4. Once you hit enter, you'll see a list of restorable content.

example of an "undelete" page in a Canvas site


  • If you need to "undelete" a Canvas quiz, you must also "undelete" the associated assignment for grades to be restored. 
  • The "undelete" feature only lists the last ~20 deleted items in a site. If you do not see the deleted content on the "undelete" page, please email online-learning-help@sas.upenn.edu so we can investigate further.