Watching Videos in Panopto

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Panopto is Penn’s media host. Many of the videos that you will watch in your Penn LPS Online courses are hosted on Panopto.


If you logged in to Canvas with your Pennkey and password, then you should be able to watch the videos with very few steps.


The first time you play a video, a pop-up box may appear that asks you to allow Panopto- students must “allow” and “remember” in order to play the video in Canvas.  After that, you may be periodically asked to reauthenticate in Canvas to access video content.


Please note that there may be a delay the first time you play a video after authenticating.


If issues with watching the videos persist, please make sure that you have an email address listed 1) in the Penn Directory and 2) in Canvas (be sure to confirm your email address in Canvas as well).



Please note that there have been some reported issues with playing these videos in Safari. You may have to use a different browser. Chrome is the recommended browser for Canvas.  


Additional Capabilities in Panopto


Panopto videos can be viewed within Canvas Pages and in the Panopto player. Viewing videos in the Panopto player allows you to access additional features, such as a search function and note-taking function.


Viewing a video in the Panopto Player


Navigate to the video that you would like to view, most likely in a Canvas Page associated with a course that you are taking. At the bottom right-hand corner you will see an arrow. Once you click on that arrow, it will open up the Panopto player in a new tab.


Screenshot of Panopto player embedded in a course. The arrow to open it up into a new window is circled in red.


Image 1- Example of an embedded Panopto video in a Canvas course page. Click on the arrow to open up the full Panopto player in a new window.


Once you are in the Panopto player, you can access the additional capabilities that were mentioned above, such as:


  1. Inside video search- once you are in the Panopto player, you can search for any word that is spoken or shown on-screen in your video and fast-forward to that portion of the video;
  2. Variable speed playback- you can speed up (1.5x or 2.0x) or slow down (.75x or .5x) your video;
  3. In-video navigation- Use the table of contents on the left-hand side of the screen or the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to navigate to different slides in the video (please note that this works if your instructor has used a presentation tool, such as PowerPoint)
  4. Configurable captions- all SAS Online Learning/ Penn LPS Online videos are captioned, and you can turn them on or off, change the color and change the location
  5. Take notes in the Player- on the left-hand side of the screen you can take notes as you watch, which can be reviewed in the future.




Screenshot of Panopto Player


Image 2- The Panopto Player will open in a new window outside of Canvas. In this image you will see the different categories of functionalities listed above, with the exception of number 4. You will see the location of number 4 in Image 3, below. 


Image 3- Panopto Player with presentation integration




Image 3- Panopto Player with presentation integration. You see that the Table of Contents corresponds to the names of each of the slides. 


To report any issues with Panopto, please email and include any screenshots of the problem that you are encountering.

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