Zoom for Recording Student Presentations in the Cloud

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Important First Steps

  1. Please make sure you have a Penn Zoom Account and that you have the Zoom application on your computer (Download the Zoom app if you do not have it). Using your Penn Zoom account means you will have access to the full range of options and features in Zoom.
  2. Please also make sure you have your email listed in the Penn Directory. Students without an email listed in the Penn Directory have had trouble with uploading a video in the past.

Slide-Deck Creation & Recording of Presentation in Zoom

  • First, create your presentation in the slide-deck program of your choice (e.g., PowerPoint).
  • Then, log into your Penn Zoom account via your web browser: https://upenn.zoom.us/
  • Go to Settings > Recording. Toggle off "Local Recording" (if it is on) to ensure that you can record to the cloud.
  • Open Zoom on your desktop through the application. To do this from the Zoom website, place your cursor in the upper-right corner of the Zoom website. Then, click Host > With Video On.Penn Zoom website that shows where to find the With Video On button by clicking Host and then With Video On in the upper-right corner of the Penn Zoom website.
  • Choose the prompt to launch the meeting in the Zoom app.

Sharing the Zoom Recording

1. Log into your Penn Zoom account via your web browser: https://upenn.zoom.us/

2. Click Recording on the navigation menu (on the left side of the Zoom website).

3. On the "Recordings" page, click the Share button next to the recording.

4. In the "Share this cloud recording" window, apply these settings--only enable on the "Publicly" setting: 

"Share this cloud recording" window in Zoom shows the "Publicly" setting enabled and all other settings turned off.

5. Click the Copy Sharing Information button. 

6. Save the copied sharing information in a file on your computer (e.g., in MS Word).

7. Paste the share information into the submission location for the assignment (Padlet, a Canvas assignment, a Google Doc, Canvas Discussion, etc.)

Please note: Any recordings in Zoom's cloud will be deleted once it is older than 120 days. If you wish to keep this recording long-term, please be sure to download a copy to your computer. 

For help with downloading a Zoom recording, please see ISC's PennZoom Cloud Recording download instructions.

If you would like to record a presentation and have the presentation saved directly to your computer, please follow our Zoom Recording and Saving to your local drive knowledgebase article.

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