Two-Step Verification is a required service that provides an added layer of protection for your PennKey account. 

With Two-Step Verification, after you log in with your username and password to Canvas or other PennKey-secured sites, you'll be prompted to verify your identity -- the second step -- using a device in your possession such as a mobile phone or key fob.


Make sure you have the following before you start this task:  

  • an active PennKey account 
  • administrative access to your smartphone to install the Duo Mobile app, which is highly recommended for Two-Step verification 

Note: Two-Step Methods 

For more information regarding various options for Two-Step, please consult--Two-Step Verification: Getting Started  


Need More Help?  

Please contact the Two-Step Verification Code Hotline for help: 

  • (215) 746-2222 

  • Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET