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Recommended Devices for Remote Courses

  • You can participate in your remote course from a Mac or PC, desktop or laptop.

    We do NOT recommend tablets, smartphones, or computer note books like Chromebooks for your remote class, since not all technology used for a remote class works consistently with these types of devices.

  • If you need to use a mobile device for Canvas, it is recommended that you only use the Canvas Student app.

    • Never use a mobile browser to access Canvas. Canvas does not support mobile browsers.
    • Please note: You can only use the Canvas Student App for some actions in Canvas, but you can't use it for everything. For a list of what you can and can't do, please consult Canvas Student App Tips

Internet for Remote Courses

  • You will need a strong internet connect. Public wifi is rarely adequate.
  • Since late March 2020, download speeds have been affected due to increased internet usage across the country. If you notice any slowness or performance issues when working in your online course, please see if anyone else is using the same internet connection as you (e.g., someone in your home streaming a video), and please ask them to stop while you are trying to access this content, as have multiple people using the internet at once affects bandwidth. 
  • If you continue to have issues, please contact Student IT Support:


  • Don't see your site yet? Don't worry! Your courses Canvas site will be published by the first day of classes for your summer session. To see when your summer session starts, please consult the academic calendar
  • Canvas will be a key piece of your program experience and might include the syllabus, weekly or topical modules, as well as important interaction and discussion with your peers, TAs, and professorWe recommend that you update your Canvas notifications and set the time zone to match the time zone where you will be while you are taking your course.
  • Use your course’s Canvas site to complete coursework. To access your course’s Canvas site, log into with your PennKey username and password. 
  • Follow all instructions for your instructor(s) and TA(s) on how to complete your coursework remotely. These instructions might include:
  • For complete documentation on how to use Canvas, please see the Canvas Student Guide.
  • Please do the following at least 48 hours before taking a Canvas quiz: 

    • Quizzes should only be taken on a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices should not be used for quizzes, as these devices do not support the full Canvas quiz experience.
    • Please make sure you are using a Canvas-supported web browser
      • Please note: We only recommend Chrome or Firefox (the link above also lists Safari and Microsoft Edge) 
    • Please review the instructions on how to take a Canvas quiz.

    While taking a quiz: 

    • Do not click the back button on your browser, close your browser, or click the Submit Quiz button before you have completed answering the quiz questions. Doing any of these things could cause an accidental quiz submission.

    For complete documentation on how to use Canvas, please see the Canvas Student Guide.


  • Your course might use Zoom for synchronous class meetings, office hours, or other purposes. Your instructor or TA will let you know if your course will use Zoom.
  • For information on how use Zoom as a student, please consult Connecting to Zoom for class sessions and office hours.

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